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Hands on Training (HOT) Opportunities

The 63rd HOT program provides training for Soldiers holding Maintenance, Supply, Allied Trades or Transportation MOSs. Please contact your regional HOT coordinator if you need assistance setting up a HOT mission for your Soldiers or with an MOS that is not listed. Training can be scheduled in various locations to include your AFRC, a local AMSA or ECS shop.

MOS 25U Signal Support Systems Specialist

MOS tasks may include: Instruction in the use of Technical Manuals (TMs) and The Army Maintenance Management System (TAMMS); Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (TMDE) techniques and procedures; system installation, integration, Field Level Maintenance and trouble shooting of Army Tactical Command & Control Systems (ATCCS), Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS), Combat Net Radios (CNR), tactical antenna systems, Mobile Subscriber Equipment (MSE) Mobile Subscriber Radio Terminal (MSRT) AN/VRC-97, Commercial Off The Shelf Computers (COTS), and Local Area Networks (LAN); computer systems administration and network management.

MOS   42A Human Resources Specialist

MOS tasks may include: research human resources publications; prepare office documents using office software; prepare and review correspondence and memorandums; maintain records; establish and maintain files; maintain initial distribution subscription and update publications as required; prepare strength accounting reports; process a request for leave; perform personnel office computations; and review the personnel organization structure.

MOS 88K Watercraft Operator

MOS tasks may include: Docks and undocks the vessels. Drops and weighs the vessel anchor. Stands lookout and helm watches. Identifies and interprets single letter international code signal flags. Sends and receives messages with radios, beacons and signal flags. Operates and maintains lifeboats and vessel firefighting equipment. Knowledgeable in all aspects of marlinespike seamanship. Secure all type of cargo using shipboard machinery such as capstans, winches, hoists and davits. Paints metal, wood, and fiberglass surfaces. Clean compartments and decks.

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