63D Regional Support Command
Hands on Training Program




The 63d Regional Support Command (RSC)  Hands On Training (HOT) Program provides Hands-On Sustainment Training for Army Reserve Soldiers and Military Technicians with Logistical Military Occupational Skills (MOS’s) and duties.


The 63d RSC utilizes Armed Forces Reserve Centers (AFRC), Area Maintenance Support Activities (AMSA) and Equipment Concentration Sites (ECS) located throughout their area of responsibility as well as  the Center of Excellence (CoE) Training Facility located at N. Little Rock, AR (Camp Pike) to provide "Real-World" Maintenance, Supply, Allied Trades and Transportation training opportunities.


63d RSC AMSA & ECS Sites offer Soldiers opportunities to perform in their Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) with a skilled and knowledgeable Military Technician by their side. Most common MOS's that receive training are; Wheel/Track Vehicle, Ground Power, Engineer Equipment, Weapons Repair Mechanics, and Automated Supply Specialist, An expanded list of 63d RSC HOT MOS’s are available here. Additionally, Transportation, Supply and other HOT missions are available at certain sites on an as needed basis and may be requested through your regional HOT Coordinator.



Soldiers: Have you performed a HOT Mission? Please give us your feedback and help us to improve the program.


The HOT program provides quality MOS Readiness Training to Army Reservists and logistics skill refresher training for Army Civilians on a regional basis. The Basic Standard Operating procedure for this program is as follows:

Soldiers, generally at AMSA’s and ECS’s, will perform field level maintenance emphasizing maintenance publications, tools, diagnostic equipment, and safety.  They will replace, adjust, test, and troubleshoot components and assemblies of engines, exhaust, hydraulics, and electrical systems.


Army Reserve Civilians, Soldiers and Mil-Tech’s will receive training that supports Military Technician sustainment training requirements with an emphasis on certification, new equipment and emerging technologies.


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